Jeff Stamen

Jeff Stamen

Executive Vice Chairman

Jeffrey Stamen is Executive Vice Chairman at Cambridge Semantics. In this role he is actively involved in developing the company strategy and guiding its execution. He is a seasoned software executive and entrepreneur with experience in both large companies and startups. He has a successful business-building track record and very strong technical credentials, serving on the Board of Directors of four start-ups and one mid-sized public company, as well as being a co-founder of two companies.

Jeff was one of the co-founders of Progress Software, which was based on a product he originally developed at a startup that was sold to GE. Progress Software, now with over $500 million in revenue, offers an applications development platform, along with a relational database intimately tied to it, for greater productivity. Jeff served on the Board for the first three years of the company, and left to join Management Decision Systems (later IRI Software), which developed the first multidimensional On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) product, which was the foundation of Business Intelligence software. Going from head of software development to President of IRI Software, Jeff grew revenues almost ten-fold in eight years and sold the business to Oracle in 1995.

Through 1998, Jeff headed Oracle's OLAP Division as well as its Data Warehousing products and was a member of Larry Ellison's product management committee. Sales of OLAP products went up five-fold during his three year tenure.

After Oracle, Jeff served as CEO of Syncra Systems, a supply chain forecasting and collaboration company, where he helped finalize the product and developed its go-to-market strategy. Syncra was the leader in this space with many major CPG companies and retailers as customers. The company was sold to Retek, which was in turn acquired by Oracle.

From 2005 to 2010, Jeff returned to Progress Software where he headed corporate development and strategy, leading Progress in the acquisition of six companies and developing a new corporate-wide go-to-market strategy.

Jeff graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and went on to head a joint MIT-Harvard research project creating the first entity-relationship data base management system for data analysis, before joining the software industry.