Anzo Smart Data Lake®

End to End Enterprise Data Management, Data Exploration and Analytics

Anzo Smart Data Lake (ASDL) offers an end to end, fully integrated, highly customizable, and governed Big Data management and exploratory analytic solution for data-driven organizations.

ASDL works with any combination of diverse data far more quickly by deploying flexible graph models to deliver superior insights and actionable information.

Whether deployed behind the firewall or in the cloud, ASDL also works with third party plug-ins and other business applications.

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Capabilities and Features

Data accumulates value as it flows through the four functional areas of ASDL. These semantic graph models uniformly represent data at rest, in flight, in memory, and at business users' fingertips – providing a highway for value generation, as well as a futureproof means to archive for easy reuse self-describing data sets using open standards.

Automated Data Ingestion and Mapping: Rapidly load data from anywhere, in any format

ASDL supports connectivity to both internal and external sources, including cloud environments and existing data lakes. It ingests both structured and unstructured data through horizontally scaled, automated ETL processes. Most structured sources may be ingested without manual mapping, while unstructured data is processed, indexed and on-boarded through configurable text analytics and NLP pipelines. As a result, valuable analyst or data steward’s time can be refocused on collaborative mapping when need to refine the automated process with lightweight data preparation.

Data Cataloging: Secure, organize and govern all your data

The Tale of Two Data Lakes

ASDL catalogs data using active metadata management - graph models that describe data at a business level - through the use of conceptual models. Users can then browse and discover data sets of interest in a secure and governed environment. Role-based security assures that only appropriate users can access, analyze or create new data sets. In addition, data and model governance assure trustworthy data and insights as your Smart Data Lake grows with the scale of your business. As a result, Smart Data Lake users can query, search, browse and discover data sets of interest in a highly secure and governed environment with full confidence of its origin.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: business understanding, meaning and data relationships delivered at unprecedented scale with In-Memory Massively Parallel Processing

Our industry-leading In-Memory Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Engine is the most advanced of its kind - allowing ad-hoc and interactive queries at a scale never before thought possible. Anzo Graph Query Engine (AGQE) scales across hundreds of Virtual Machines in the cloud or on-premise for analyzing data sets comprising trillions of interconnected facts and relationships (triples), without query tuning or indexing. As a result, no data is left behind when it comes to loading, processing and querying your complete set of data.

Discovery and Analytics: Conduct analysis and exploration across all of your data, independent of IT

Business users can ask and answer both ad-hoc and pre-determined questions with Custom User Dashboards. Without specialized query knowledge, users can traverse even the most complicated multi-dimensional data on the way to building exploratory charts, filters, tables and even network views. Furthermore, automatic query generation turns the imagination of the user into complex graph queries and AGQE has the speed to keep up with the answers. As a result, end users can access and query a more complete set of data to answer questions in seconds, minutes and hours, as opposed to days, weeks and months.

Summary: Our accelerated insight and time to value differentiators

The three key differentiators that accelerate ASDL's time to value are:

  • Graph Foundation - Graph models offer an inherent flexibility, pushing the modeling, integration and analytics decisions closer to the end-user, reducing time to value in dynamic business environments.
  • In-Memory Speed and Scale - ASDL has horizontally scalable ingestion and query capabilities that channel the power of cloud computing into accelerating value.
  • Model-driven intuition - ASDL’s Discovery and Analytics tools make it fast and easy to explore and analyze all of your data, including using your own toolsets.