Getting Started with Semantics

Getting Started with Semantics


If you're brand new to semantic technologies the topic can be very overwhelming. Different sites and people will talk about everything from artificial intelligence to natural language processing to linked data and the Semantic Web. What are they all? How do they relate to each other? How do they relate to you?

This set of lessons aims to ground you in the basics. The lessons give you basic definitions and goals that form the foundation of a solid, unconfused understanding of semantics.

The Lessons

Introduction to the Semantic Web—where everyone should start. The foundation of Semantic University.

Introduction to Linked Data—Linked Open Data is a massively important topic in today's world where data is everywhere and needs to be combined on-the-fly for every changing uses.

What is Linked Data?—a less technical introduction to linked data than the previous lesson done in the form of a video lecture.

The Semantic Web Landscape - A Practical Introduction—this presentation has been delivered to hundreds of non-technical folks to help introduce Semantic Web technologies and put them in context today.

The Many Names of the Semantic Web—the Semantic Web has been called many things, and the phrase used tells you quite a bit about the speaker.

Semantic Web Misconceptions—things that you'll hear elsewhere that are just plain wrong.