Semantic Technologies Applied

Semantic Technologies Applied


Once you've understood the basics of Semantic Web technologies and how they can be combined with other semantic technologies you can start to really appreciate real-world semantic applications.

This series of lessons helps define what types of use cases benefit from the use of semantics and includes many examples of real-world use cases to underscore the key points.

The Lessons

What Makes a Good Semantic Web Application?—people have used semantic technologies for lots of things, but not all of them are appropriate. What are the key characteristics of a use case that can benefit from semantics?

Applying the Semantic Web - Two Camps—there are two primary kinds of Semantic Web practitioners in the world. Understanding this can help you understand blogs and literature outside of Semantic University.

Example Semantic Web Applications—real-world use cases.

Semantic Web on the Web—applying Semantic Web technologies towards their original goal: the World Wide Web.

Semantic Web in the Enterprise—applying Semantic Web technologies to enterprise use cases behind the firewall.