Business Intelligence

Anzo provides an agile, cohesive and easy-to-use tool set for tackling diverse Business Intelligence and analytics projects.

Customers across industries recognize Anzo for its flexibility and ease-of-use in integrating diverse structured and unstructured data for Business Intelligence and analytics. With Anzo, business users can create new dashboards and reports on the fly and can even add their own data without having to submit a ticket to IT for yet-another-integration-project. Anzo reports can adapt automatically and rapidly to new kinds of information and to new requirements for novel views on that information.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Provide business users the ability to rapidly find, access, and analyze information from varied sources
  • Build and publish dynamic web dashboards in minutes, without requiring IT assistance
  • Pull together information from across structured and unstructured sources into personalized web dashboards 
  • Make your BI analysis-centric rather than report-centric by performing live computation and analytics on-the-fly with data from diverse sources 
  • Sort and filter with data collected
  • Search by keywords or semantically by linked concepts 
  • Create network visualization showing cause and effect relationships 
  • Ensure users always have the latest information by keeping all dashboard data in sync with your database in real-time 
  • Create custom reports in Microsoft Excel that automatically display the most recent data 
  • Extend dashboards with custom visualizations, forms, alerts, work flows, and rules
  • A biotech company needs to track key performance indicators (KPIs) across multiple business units as the company scales dramatically with the approval of new therapeutics. Anzo provides a lightweight, ad-hoc toolset to collect, analyze, and evolve these KPIs across divisions.
  • An international medical device manufacturer manages a portfolio of thousands of projects across five major organizational units. Finance and marketing continually collect financials and market data to get feedback on product performance and changing strategies. Data collection and analysis are labor-intensive, highly manual efforts. Anzo provides a streamlined approach to integrating this information, to use rules and workflows to validate the collected data, to provide an audit trail to identify what information came from where, and to drastically reduce the time and effort needed for the end-to-end data collection and analysis.
  • Rapid solution development
  • Broad connectivity
  • Personalized analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Flexibility / evolve the solution as business needs change
  • Support for industry data standards