Customer 360

Anzo harmonizes all information about your customers, products and interactions from anywhere to give you a complete understanding of customer wants, needs and opportunities.

Business revolve around their customers. But too often, critical information about your customers is scattered among CRM systems, order management databases and support systems, not to mention marketing spreadsheets and social media profiles. Anzo can give you a 360 degree view of your customers by bringing together all structured and unstructured information about your customers, regardless of whether it’s in an IT-managed enterprise system or out on the web. 

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Access a unified view of all customer-related activity in one place
  • Analyze customer profiles to predict support requests and to detect upsell opportunities
  • Optimize customer conversion via customer-centric next-best-action marketing
  • Drive customer satisfaction via improved customer service experience
  • A large financial services firm realigns the onboarding process to make themselves more customer oriented, reducing time to revenue and improving up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • A retailer uses company data, social media data and other information sources to model their existing customers and focus expenditures on prospects that best resemble their customers.
  • Apply business rules to classify customers in meaningful and actionable ways. Anzo’s rule engine can draw on any attribute of a customer, their accounts, interactions or any other related information to automatically categorize customers based on their profile, past actions and anticipated behaviors.
  • Create customized dashboards that present a unified view of customer interactions and information. Anzo brings together all information about your customers from structured databases, unstructured content such as call transcripts and external sites into web-based dashboards that present only the details most relevant to a particular user’s needs.
  • Analyze emails, calls, and social media posts to better understand your customer. Anzo uses sophisticated text analytics to identify people, products, organizations and other key information embedded in unstructured customer interactions. Anzo can also analyze the sentiment of these interactions to infer customers’ general feelings about your organization or products and to note key changes in sentiment over time.
  • Harmonize customer identity across data sources. Anzo helps you map customer information from different sources to a consistent identity. Anzo uses different customer information combined with powerful heuristics to determine customer identity whether via consistent identifiers, attributes such as name, address, and phone number or via behavioral fingerprints.