Data Collection and Curation Solution

An easy to use, lightweight approach to collect and curate data from third party sources and combine with existing data

There are lots of tools available for viewing and reporting on data. But options are far more limited when you want to augment, extend or improve existing data with input from subject-matter experts and other end users. Anzo gives you the tools to deploy lightweight, flexible and extendable forms to collect new data as well as to annotate, rank and curate existing data.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Streamline ad hoc data collection and reporting without the hassles of email or copy & paste
  • Ensure high-quality, complete data via automated data validation
  • Enable subject-matter experts to curate and crowdsource data and relationships for continuous quality improvements
  • Keep data in sync everywhere so you always have the latest information
  • An international biotech company uses Anzo to crowdsource its competitive intelligence. Scientists, business development officers, and other experts contribute new insights and corrections to a shared CI knowledgebase, fostering high-quality, up-to-date competitive information.
  • A large pharma combines text analytics with votes, rankings, and annotations from disease area experts to surface scientific literature about competitors’ drugs that is most relevant to their own drugs under development.
  • Collect high-quality, validated data via web forms or Excel spreadsheets
  • Curate data by fixing errors and making new relationships that are remembered over time
  • Create personalized forms that are automatically filled in with data relevant to each user
  • Annotate, bookmark, rank, and highlight information of interest