Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Anzo can help you enhance the discovery of and streamline the processing of adverse drug reactions for post-market drugs

Drug safety teams face an evolving world of pharmacovigilance regulations and increased pressures to meet these regulatory demands within the confines of shrinking budgets. By automating the discovery and processing of adverse drug reactions across traditional and non-conventional sources, Anzo can help detect potential safety signals faster and more effectively than before. And by providing a solution based on industry-standard conceptual models, Anzo enables PV data to be reused for other parts of the business, such as improving the predictive abilities of early-stage toxicity studies.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Uncover potential adverse drug reactions from novel sources such as social media and web forums
  • Streamline case management processes by automating the coding of adverse events, treatments and medical history information from patient case reports
  • Enhance drug development, marketing, and sales processes through strategic reuse of safety data

●       A top 10 pharmaceutical company uses Anzo to drive semi-automated parsing and recognition of patient case reports from a variety of sources, reducing manual effort by an estimated 60%.

●       A large biotech uses Anzo to map existing PV data to a conceptual model that enables ad-hoc search and analysis of safety data for R&D scientists.

●       Monitor social media, patient forums, and other web content to discover and aggregate potential adverse events

●       Mine text narratives in case report documents, PDFs and narrative sections in databases

●       Visualize and curate the results of automated processing of PCRs 

●       Leverage industry standards including MedDRA and the WHO drug dictionary