Industry Solutions


Pharmas today are presented with a demand for large dispersed and diverse data coupled with constantly shifting regulatory/competitive landscape. Anzo solutions provide the Pharma industry with flexible information modeling and the ability to integrate structured and unstructured data at the conceptual level. These solutions also allow varied data access pathways including blending structured search, semantic search, key word search and chemical search.

Financial Services

Banking and financial services organizations of all sizes are now more concerned than ever with the massive flood of data that affects their ability to run their daily business, comply with a complex set of industry regulations and demonstrate an intimate knowledge of their customers. Anzo solutions provides financial industry organizations with a competitive edge by integrating structured and unstructured data.


Government is at the nexus of information flows between regulators, agencies, businesses, and private citizens. Anzo provides a user friendly set of tools to help connect the dots within this information flow, making the information meaningful and easy to access and analyze.


Media organizations are awash in diverse, rapidly-changing content that must be easily discoverable and understandable. Anzo gives media companies tools that are as flexible as their business, scaling from combining dozens of ad hoc spreadsheets to supporting enterprise-wide metadata models to richly describe key content assets.


Healthcare is an increasingly interconnected, digital industry. Healthcare organizations are taking advantage of Anzo’s group-up support for semantic standards, flexible integration tools and end-user self-service analytics capabilities to solve various use cases.


Retail organizations are increasingly relying on structured and unstructured information to manage supply chains, evaluate sales and marketing efforts and to discover hidden industry opportunities. Anzo solutions have allowed customers to combine their structured and unstructured information to create real-time solutions allowing businesses to quickly and easily access and utilize the most recent market data.