Know Your Customer

Anzo lets you quickly unite customer-centric data from diverse sources in support of Know Your Customer regulatory reporting.

Know Your Customer regulations require you to develop a complete understanding of your customers’ behavior patterns and to detect any customer activity that deviates from these patterns. In the best case, most KYC processes aim for compliance by drawing on limited sources of structured customer data and by applying fixed rule sets to identify outliers.

With Anzo, you can quickly and incrementally roll out KYC processes that are based on a complete view into a customers’ activities, regardless of where they are captured. Anzo provides a flexible infrastructure for connecting customer information from structured CRM systems and trading databases through to unstructured emails, social media, and other customer interactions. And Anzo’s self-service dashboard and reporting tools mean that investigators and compliance officers can perform enhanced due diligence as needed without requiring massive IT investment.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Meet evolving KYC reporting requirements with unified structured and unstructured sources of customer data
  • Incorporate new data sources without disrupting existing data sources, models, and reporting
  • Allow investigators to pursue new lines of analysis on the fly without depending on IT
  • Leverage investments in KYC reporting for revenue generation via Customer 360 activities
  • A large financial services company with multi-national customers, uses Anzo as the foundation for keeping up with the complicated, ever-changing data requirements from evolving Know Your Customer Regulations.
  • A global financial services company filters out and analyzes high risk entities to dramatically reduce resource and and financial burden of complying with KYC guidance.
  • Harmonize and combine structured and unstructured customer data.
  • Customizable and dynamic analytics, rules, queries, and alerts.
  • Real-time data cleansing and on-boarding from within Excel.