Metadata Management

Lets both business users and IT discover, understand, and manage key information assets that drive critical business decisions.

Anzo lets both data stewards and business analysts manage concepts, relationships, vocabularies, taxonomies, and thesauri by tracking metadata elements' approval and usage life cycles,. This solution promotes reuse via semantic/conceptual search, and allows you to capture arbitrary extended attributes about any metadata element. Anzo also lets you operationalize your metadata by using it to directly drive forms, visualizations, analytics, and data-integration processes.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Manage metadata customized to your information needs 
  • Help subject-matter experts find information assets they need via user-friendly access to metadata in web dashboards and Excel
  • Automate operational data activities such as data services and data integration projects directly from metadata
  • Promote metadata quality via support for governance and lifecycle work flows
  • Reduce redundancies and streamline information access by fully understanding data lineage throughout your organization
  • A large pharmaceutical organization uses Anzo to harmonize clinical metadata across industry standard, corporate, and per-product metadata scopes.
  • A major investment bank uses Anzo to pull together an information landscape tracking how data flows between systems and applications and how information relates to stewards, stakeholders, projects, and business decisions.
  • Accurately describe, classify and catalog the contents of data sources both inside and outside your firewall using conceptual models that your business users can understand. Anzo provides both fully and semi-automated approaches to cataloging the information available from data sources inside and outside your enterprise at both the physical and conceptual level.
  • Make all of metadata accessible & searchable to easily identify the relevant information you have available for further analysis. Anzo supports keyword and conceptual (semantic) search to locate data sources that have relevant information. Similarly, Anzo can help identify gaps and redundancies in your IT landscape.
  • User-friendly dashboard interface to metadata allows stewards and end users to search, browse, and visualize metadata. Anzo represents metadata using terms familiar to business users, not just to developers and metadata experts. Anzo can also be configured to present different views of the same metadata to different users, depending on their role within the organization.
  • Edit metadata with validated and governed web or Excel-based forms. Anzo lets authorized users make changes to metadata subject to configurable validation and business rules. Anzo also supports governance policies and work flows for tracking and approving metadata changes.
  • Visualize data lineage and impact analysis to understand and predict the effects of information dependencies across systems and applications. Anzo includes visual components that present a holistic view into how information flows throughout an organization, at the system, organizational, and personnel levels.