R&D Knowledge Management

Anzo helps you describe, connect, harmonize and analyze diverse sources of R&D information without any programming

The Anzo Pharma SmartBench includes easy-to-use tools that allow scientists to find, visualize, and analyze any subset of data they're interested in. Anzo copes easily with both structured and unstructured data as well as public, private, or proprietary data.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Unify knowledge found in traditional databases with information from spreadsheets, web sites, unstructured documents, and other less conventional sources.
  • Provide self-service, easy-to-use tools for researchers and executives to analyze their R&D information landscape
  • Create and maintain flexible knowledge models that evolve with your understanding of a domain
  • Pharma R&D groups use the Anzo tools to assemble agile knowledge bases in support of translational medicine, in vitro assay data collection, molecular entity data, and more. 
  • Map any data to conceptual models.
  • Apply powerful text analytics to unstructured content. Leverage industry standards such as CDISC or SNOMED.
  • Make data accessible via user-friendly web dashboards.