Spreadsheet Integration

Lets you bring together and harmonize data trapped in mountains of spreadsheets within and beyond your organization.

Critical information is trapped in Excel spreadsheets on shared drives, in SharePoint, and scattered across laptops. Related data uses different headers, layouts, and positions across different spreadsheets. With Anzo, you can link together data across spreadsheets regardless of what the spreadsheets look like or where they are. Best of all, if you make a change to a piece of data, that data is updated everywhere it occurs—in spreadsheets, databases, and dashboards.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Harmonize data across hundreds of disconnected spreadsheets
  • Integrate spreadsheet data regardless of headers, layout, or where the spreadsheet resides
  • Keep spreadsheets up-to-date in real-time
  • Get a complete picture of relevant information by augmenting Excel data with other sources of enterprise data
  • A major manufacturer uses Anzo to integrate spreadsheet-based supply chain data from raw materials through to finished product.
  • An international media conglomerate uses Anzo to unify advertising spend and performance data supplied in different spreadsheet formats from dozens of agencies across the world.
  • A mid-size biotech company integrates clinical trial enrollment and operations data received from twenty contract research organizations (CROs). 
  • Handle data regardless of how it’s arranged in a spreadsheet
  • Connect data across spreadsheets at the conceptual level
  • Link spreadsheet data with other sources of enterprise data
  • Enable live editing of spreadsheet data